What is a Bird Dog Fee?

A Bird Dog Fee is a fee paid buy an investor looking for houses to fix and flip for a profit. Investors are constantly looking for properties that pencil. If you know of a property that needs to be rehabilitated before it can go onto the market you may be a Bird Dog and not even know it! If the property pencils (after the costs of repairs there still a profit margin) Investors will pay $500 for bringing them a deal. It is a great way to earn extra cash without a whole lot of effort. So if you know someone who is facing foreclosure, recently divorced, or has experienced a death in the family you may know someone who might need to sell their house fast for cash. To reach a local investor today visit https://www.pacificnorthwestpropertysolutions.com/  or reach out to me and I will introduce you to a local investor today!

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Need to Sell Your House Fast?

My network consists of real estate investors who buy houses fast and I am a real estate agent who is experienced in getting homes sold quickly. I will give you a free, confidential, no-obligation home selling offer from an experienced investor who will bring cash to the table. Most of our network investors are buyers who want to buy your house directly. My network of investors are local to Lane County and professionals you can count on. My #1 goal is to help you sell your house fast! Experience, integrity and honesty are part of every home selling offer.

If you are thinking how can I sell my property and would like to receive a free, confidential, no-obligation home selling offer, simply send me an email with your property address and I will conduct a market analysis for your property.  My network contains investors who purchase homes in Lane County, any price range, and any condition. I am experienced in working with home owners who need to sell their house quickly because of..

Divorce: I can help you through the difficult time of working with your spouse and getting your home sold quickly so you can move on with your life. We have a proven process to work with both parties to the transaction including providing you a net sheet that will show you and your spouse how much you will each receive when your property is sold quickly.

Relocation: For whatever reason you may need to relocate to a different city, state, or out of the country we can help. I have relationships with relocation professionals across the nation which will help save you time and money. You can have your property sold quickly, and focus on your family and friends.

Avoid Foreclosure: If you are falling behind on mortgage payments then selling your home quickly is paramount to saving your credit. I work with of homeowners each year that have received notification from their mortgage company that they are behind on one or more mortgage payments. I can help you stop foreclosure.

Family Illness: Loss of income due to a family member becoming ill or not able to work can be a stressful time. With your monthly home payment likely being your largest expense, it is vital to work quickly to sell your property. You don’t have time or resources to fix-up your house, have open houses, and wait for an offer.

Inherited a Home: If you have been granted a home from a family member that has passed away you likely will want to divest of the property. Many times the property you inherited will be in a different state than you and or will need renovated in order to get it into newer condition. To avoid spending money on an inherited property and getting the equity out of it, sell it quickly.

I will often give you multiple home selling offers to choose from so you can sell your property fast! My network of investors can pay CASH! Get a free no-obligation home selling offer for your house today!

Vince Casey (541)868-4559



If you need to sell a house fast reach out to me today.

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Interested in Flipping Houses in Eugene?

The investor market in Eugene is generally highly competitive when a good fixer hits the market. Usually, a  fixer is defined as a home that needs some repair or updating before someone can live in it. A good fixer would be a property that the repairs and closing costs would still leave the house flipper 10-20% profit after they sell the property. If the property will cover your expenses and leave room for a profit, we call that penciling. If you can find a home that pencils in a desirable location then you have identified a great fixer. Generally when a great fixer hits the market you will be competing with multiple offers, it is important to keep a cool head when navigating these waters and remember what price it will pencil at. There are a few ways to make your offer stand out other than over bidding, work with a real estate agent you trust to explore these options.

There are risks involved when taking on a fixer project. When creating a budget be sure and have a licensed contractor look at the property and give an assessment before you assume you have all the information, also have an inspection period in the contract. Even if they are selling the home as-is you can still back out and get your earnest money back if the inspector discovers damage too costly to repair. When listing your fixer after repairs remember that homes that stay on the market too long can create a black hole in expenses, leaving you with an extra mortgage and tax payments. Work closely with a realtor to establish comparable sales in the area to ensure your property will sell quickly and at top dollar. Before making an offer on a property make sure that it has room for a profit after you subtract you expenses from the estimated listing price. Many of the fixers that go on the market don’t pencil, and you will get burned in the process. To learn more about the investor market in Lane County feel free to reach out to me and make an appointment.


Before and After Photo of a recent remodel done by Contractors Unlimited LLC


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Moving to Oregon? I Can Help


There are many challenges presented to you when you move into a new home. When you add relocating to a new town, or a new state the list of things to do pile up rather quickly. There are very few agents in Oregon that are committing their time to help their clients relocate. Not only am I committed to the process of helping you become familiar with a new town. I will also personalize the integration with your wants and needs. Whether it is as simple as helping you find your new favorite restaurant, a trustworthy lender, or assisting in networking efforts for your business. I will be behind you 100% during and after our transaction.

With the prices of homes rising to astronomical levels in major cities such as Seattle, San Francisco, and Portland. It makes sense that people are looking for alternative places to live. Eugene has become a popular destination with its relaxed lifestyle. It is close to the mountains and the ocean, there is no sales tax, and the homes here are still well priced for an appreciating market. If you would like to learn more about the Eugene market please feel free to reach out to me anytime with questions, I would be happy to assist you in any way I can.

If you are considering Eugene as your new home be sure and visit the Eugene Chamber of Commerce website for more details http://www.eugenechamber.com/why-eugene.html

Moving to Oregon? I am a relocation specialist

More people are moving to Oregon than ever before to find an alternative lifestyle that is focused on outdoor living in a family friendly environment.

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The Windermere Way

In Lane County, Windermere agents have the highest sales volume per agent. When you look at the numbers (140 agents) you can imagine the amount of internal networking that is at our disposal. We have a weekly meeting where we discuss our buyers and sellers wants and needs, we also present new listings before they are presented to the public. Many times we can meet a buyers need before another agency would even have access to the information. This gives our clientele a huge advantage over the marketplace.

Another benefit of choosing a Windermere agent is our staff. Because of our size we have a variety of specialists. If you are purchasing acreage we have a Land & Timber expert, if you desire a waterfront property on the McKenzie River we have an agent that lives in the valley, and the list goes on and on.

An additional reason to consider is support, at Windermere we have 4 Principal Brokers on call anytime we need them. We also have 2 transaction coordinators that help us maintain more face time with our clients and out in the field. Our weekly educational courses are always free, and focused on poignant topics that will give us an advantage in your transactions.

In closing, no other firm will provide you with the support, know-how, and experience as a Windermere agent will. That combined with our ability to network with 140 other agents will ensure you will find the right house at the right time.

In addition to all the smart reasons to go with Windermere there is also a “heart” reason to choose us. With every home sold in Lane County we donate a portion to charity. Last year as an organization we donated over 33 million dollars to organizations that take on causes such as hunger, homelessness, and much more. Read more about it in our Windermere Foundation Blog https://www.windermere.com/foundation

Windermere RE Lane County

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My 10-Step Marketing Plan

In order to be successful in this competitive market you have to have a plan. To capitalize on your investment to it’s fullest potential that plan has to be educated and grounded in facts. The facts are this is a sellers market in Lane County (May 2017), but if your home isn’t marketed properly you could still be missing out on it’s full potential. Here is a fool proof plan that I have experienced a great deal of success with.

1. Listing in RMLS– When your home is listed in RMLS it automatically populates to online websites such as; Zillow.com, Realtor.com, and Trulia.com. This is a way for Realtors to view your home and buyers who are still unrepresented to find your home through personal searches.

2. Signage– Another basic building block of a proper marketing plan is a yard sign with information regarding the property.

3. Open Houses– Most agents will do at least one open house, I generally tend to do one open house a month until the property has a pending offer.

4. Pricing– This is a key strategy for any home sale, you can test the market with a higher price if you are not in a rush to sell your home, or you can price it to move quickly. I prefer to create a very educated price point, due to market trends and comparable recent sales in your area.

5. Staging– The theories on staging are numerous. Curb appeal is by far the most important component of staging in my opinion. Without it some people may not even get out of their car to see the house. Many homes show well simply being vacated and cleaned thoroughly. For a more luxurious home you may want to consider a professional stager that will fill your home elegant furniture and beautiful decor for a monthly fee.

6. Newspaper Ads– If you list with me I will always include an add in the Register Guard with your open house times listed. This will ensure that your open house will be a success.

7. Parade of Homes– There is a weekly tour of new homes on the market that is attended by the top Realtors in Lane County. If you list with me I will personally present your home at the Parade of Homes and coordinate your home to be open during the Parade hours.

8. Windermere Weekly Meetings– Here at Windermere we have a slight advantage over the competition, with 140 agents on staff we are the largest realty team in Lane County. Once a week we assemble to discuss buyer needs and new up and coming listings. Many times our listings get sold in house before they even hit the open market.

9. Social Media– One of the perks of being a member of the Eugene Area Board of Realtors is having access to their social media group. When I list your home I will post it on their Facebook page where over 800 Realtors from Lane County will have the chance to view it. as well as utilizing the Windermere Facebook page.

10. Knocking– Knocking doors is an ancient art form, but a highly effective way to communicate still. I will knock in the general vicinity of your home and let your neighbors know that your home is coming on the market and when your open house will be taking place.


LoopNet/Hotlinks– For all of my Commercial/Investment properties I post all of my properties to LoopNet and Hotlinks so all local and area investors will be notified of your listing.


Long story short, I have a dedicated plan for selling your home quickly and at top dollar, if you would like me to perform a market analysis for your home reach out to me today and I will do my best to ensure you have the right information at the right time to make a great decision.


Your friend in real estate, Vince Casey


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A Guide For First Time Home Buyers

As the next generation of first time home buyers begin to venture forth into the market there are generally a plethora of questions that accompany them. In this article I will attempt to answer the most common place questions and hopefully give you the peace of mind to move forward with confidence in your home buying decision.
Getting Prequalified 
 One of the most intimidating steps for first time home buyers is getting prequalified, however, I would not entertain the idea of shopping for a new home until you do so. It can be a devastating blow to find your perfect home and then realize you’re not qualified for it.
 A credit score is a major focus on getting prequalified. In most cases there is a minimum requirement of 620 or higher. There are a few exceptions for government loan programs. You will also need to have at least 3 accounts that are verifiable, typically this is done through a credit report.
 All lenders require an income of some sort. In general you must demonstrate stable income for the previous 2 years that is likely to continue. An example of this would be a salaried job that has been held for 2 years with income verified by paycheck stubs and W-2 forms. All loan programs have a debt to income ratio (DTI) calculation that includes the projected amount of the new home payment plus any other payments made periodically (car payment, student loans, credit card, etc.)
Liquid Assets
 All loan programs require the down payment and closing costs to be readily available. Several loan programs also require reserves in addition to the funds needed to complete a home purchase. The typical reserve requirement is 2 months of projected home payments. To give you an overview I wrote up 2 scenarios using our most popular models for loans, Conventional and FHA for a house that is being purchased for $250,000.
 Conventional: 5% down required
   – 620 credit score or higher
   – $17,500 down payment
   – $3,230 in reserves
   – $315 in other payments
   – $54,000 in annual income
 FHA: 3.5% down required
    – Credit score may not be required. Some lenders can go as low as 580
    – $13,750 down payment
    – $0 reserves
    – $315 in other payments
    – $47,000 annual income required
 FHA loans require mortgage insurance as well, so consult with your lender on the options available to you. If you have any further questions schedule a consultation with a lender.
Your Home Search
 When beginning your home search it is important to select an agent right away. Choosing to go with an agent as a buyer is an easy decision because the seller is actually paying the commission. An agent will have access to current market conditions and trends, online tools, and even pocket listings that may not even be on the market yet. Once you have selected an agent they can begin an RMLS search for you, which is a search for homes available that meet your criteria (price, number of bedrooms, location, etc.) and email them to you as they become available on the market. Once you start receiving these emails, review them in a timely manner. Currently, Eugene is a seller’s market (April 2017), which means there are very few homes on the market. So when a good property becomes available there are usually multiple bids on it within a short amount of time. Needless to say once you find a home that suits your needs you should try your best to make an attractive offer quickly.
 Once you decide to make an offer you must be prepared to give the seller an earnest money check (typically 1% of the purchase price) and a pre-approval letter from your lender.
The seller will then either accept, reject, or counter your offer. Making an offer may make you nervous, but don’t worry because you are not locked into a contract quite yet. Once you have an accepted offer there is a 10-15 day window to get your inspection done. That is when a licensed professional comes out to look over your new home for any potential problems. An inspection usually costs about $400-$500 in Eugene, and if anything is discovered in the initial inspection report they may suggest a follow up inspection by someone who specializes in a certain area, such as a roof inspection, a foundation inspection, etc. So be sure to have a little set aside just in case, it may seem inconvenient at the time, but you may also get necessary major repairs done at the expense of the seller that will improve the value of your home for years to come. If something does happen to come up during inspection that makes you uncomfortable you can write an addendum to the original offer to have it repaired or back out of the agreement. It usually takes about 45 days to close. That timeline could be flexible depending on if any repairs need to be made and the availability of inspectors and contractors. Unless otherwise agreed upon you would get your keys at 5 pm on the day of closing. Congratulations, you are now a new home owner!
 Pro Tip- If you are ever feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of buying a new home, but it is definitely a life goal. Check out NEDCO (Neighborhood Economic Development Corporation). They have a program that will match 3 times your contribution(ex. If you save $3,000 they will match you $9,000 for a total of $12,000) and it will teach you how to raise your credit score, and lots of other helpful information on buying your first home. Please visit their website for more information http://nedcocdc.org/ .
Sources –
David Kammerer- Summit Funding 
Branch Manager/ Senior Loan Officer
Vince Casey- Windermere RE/Lane County

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The Eugene Housing Crisis (and 3 questions that go along with it)

Many of you have heard that Eugene is in a housing crisis, so what exactly does that mean from a consumers point of view? Well, to break it down there simply aren’t enough houses on the market. To put it into perspective, of all the homes in the Eugene/Springfield area only .6% of them are available to purchase at the moment. Between investors holding onto their property, the city not expanding the urban growth boundary, and native Eugenians not wanting to move, we essentially have the biggest shortage of property on the market in our city’s history. In 2016 we actually saw the number of houses available for sale dive down below 600 homes at one point.

What Does That Mean if I’m a Buyer?

Basically what this means if you are a buyer is you have to now, more than ever, be proactive and even aggressive in certain buying situations. when looking for a home you need to have your preapproval letter in hand, down payment funds readily available, and find a Realtor to begin working with. Once you have determined your search parameters with your Realtor (price, location, number of bedrooms, etc) they can begin an RMLS search for you and send you emails each time a house meeting your criteria comes on the market. Make it a daily routine to check your emails first thing in the morning with your cup of coffee. Once you see something you like, call your Realtor to view the property that same day. If you feel a property is the right one do not hesitate to submit an offer as soon as you can. Some properties are in more demand than others, and there could be other buyers submitting offers as well. Be prepared to put your best foot forward with your Realtor to structure your offer to be as appealing as possible.

(Pro Tip: Include a note as to why you love the seller’s home in the offer. Many sellers are attached to their home. If they can relate to why you love their property as well it may give you a slight emotional advantage over someone who wants it strictly for investment purposes)

What Does This Mean if I’m a Seller?

If you are selling your home this may be the most your home has ever been worth. In the past year, prices in the Eugene market increased on average 8.1%. To put that increase in terms of value a $230,000 home that increased 8.1% last year would now be worth $248,630. If you would like to know the current value of your home, reach out to a local Realtor and ask for a comparative market analysis. This is a process that compares a list of homes recently sold in your area and gives you a rough estimate as to what the total value of your home is. Once you know the estimated value of your property you will then be able to decide if selling is right for you at this time.

Is Now a Good Time to Make a Move?

Whether you are buying or selling right now is a good time to make a move . Especially with the Annual Percentage Rates starting to trend upwards, it is a good idea to get your rate locked in as soon as you can. I promise you this is not a scare tactic, it is just simply the way things are. As your friend in the real estate business I want you to always be ahead of the curve. That way you can always make the right decision at the right time. Always feel free to reach out to me with any questions, I promise to shoot straight with you in layman’s terms you can understand.

Your friend in the real estate business, Vince Casey



RMLS- Regional Multiple Listing Service


Larry Kendall- Author of “Ninja Selling”

Elliott Wood- President of Eugene Association of Realtors, Owner/Principal Broker at Windermere Real Estate/Lane County

Dave Kammerer- Branch Manager at Summit Funding


Contact me at vincecasey@windermere.com

or by phone at (541)868-4559

visit my website http://vincecasey.com


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